Stability • Rotation • Explosion • Pulse • Elevation

Each element must be added in the right order and amount in order to get those lean, sculpted, shredded abs – those MAXIMUM results.

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SLICE | Rotation

Rotation is essential in creating that SLIM midsection. This is an often missed element in most workout programs.


RIP | Explosion

Explosion is essential to create fat loss in the midsection. This creates the quickest results in core workout programs.


DEFINE | Elevation

Elevation is essential to create flat lower abdominals. This is an often misunderstood element in most workout programs.


SHRED | Rotation

Rotation is essential to create that SLIM midsection. With age we rotate less and less causing a widening of the waistline.


EXPLODE | Explosion

Explosion is essential to create fat loss in the midsection. This creates the quickest results in core workout programs.


BURN | Pulse

Pulse creates definition in the midsection. It creates striations in the rectus and oblique muscles. A certain volume is needed to achieve maximum results.

Years of Industry and Personal Experience

Evolve’s Advanced Core was created over the last 20 years working in the health & fitness field. I continue to achieve successful outcomes for people of all body types. I hold multiple certifications in personal training as well as Scientific Core and Scientific Back from the CHEK Institute. I am also an integrative health practitioner and an HLC level 3.

Books and certifications can only take you so far. Personally, I have rehabbed myself back from THREE Cesarean births, TWO significant rounds of diastasis recti, and ONE umbilical hernia.

My last son was born when I was 40 – there is no age limit to achieving a sculpted midsection. I have seen this method work in my body as well as hundreds of clients.

Over the years, I watched as the fitness community struggled. Hours of running and crunches that were not working.

Eventually people give up on the idea they could ever achieve sculpted abs. Mothers succumb to the belief that they must live with the “mom bod”. This is all the result of flawed workout information – not willpower or desire.

Developing a lean functional core doesn’t require torturing yourself for hours in the gym.

Don’t workout HARDER, just use this formula. In just 5 to 7 mins a day, you can change your body.



See What Our Clients Have to Say About Evolve!

"Here’s my review….

The Advanced Core Program has made such a huge impact in the definition and toning of my abs.

I have tried so many ab exercises in the past… of course doing the typical crunches, sit-ups, leg raises, etc but to no avail- and now I know why!

Mindy took her own experience with abdominal struggles into consideration and learned how to first HEAL any core disfunction, like Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor weakness or post c-section repair… and teaches YOU in this program.

The program is broken into targeted movement patterns that are strategically organized for maximum results.

Nothing gave me the results like this program, and in such a short amount of time. 5 minute, do-able workouts that you can squeeze into your day anytime you choose.

I highly recommend this program!"


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